6 Problems Only Londoners Will Understand

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By Courteney Noonan

Living in London comes with many perks, the endless array of independent cafes, famous landmarks and hilarious street performers is just one of them. But no matter how glam the capital may appear, Londoners face problems that you’ll only understand if you live here.

Getting stuck under someone’s armpit during rush hour

Whether the bus or the tube is your preference, travelling during rush hour means pretty much the same thing. You most probably won’t be able to find a seat and you’ll definitely end up stood under someone’s smelly armpit for the entirety of your journey.


7135051675_372b2617a4_b (1)
Mind the gap — and the armpits

Credit: Creative Commons


Living in constant fear of having to wait more than two minutes for the tube

Tapping in only to find that the next tube is six minutes away can cause utter chaos. People are late for work and the train will be bursting with people. What could be worse? You won’t be able to get onto the train because it’s so busy.

Image result for tube
The wait is over — at last


Credit: Creative Commons

Being pressured to keep up with the latest trends

Should you be vegan? Should you be gluten free? Keeping up with the latest fad sweeping London is no easy feat. By the time most of us jump onto the bandwagon, everyone else seems to have moved on to the next big thing.

Holy guacamole!
Holy guacamole!

Credit: Creative Commons

Attempting to order from UberEats only to find they STILL don’t deliver to your area 

North Londoners will be very familiar with this. Instead, try something a little more homemade than a greasy takeaway. Your bank account will thank you for it.

Image result for ubereats
You have an app-etite but this app might not deliver

 Credit: Creative Commons

Tourists just don’t understand how quickly we like to walk

Londoners are always rushing: to get to work, to get home, to get food, to get away from a gun-wielding maniac, to get anywhere.

"Move b****, get out the way"
“Move b****, get out the way”

Credit: Creative Commons

Needing to try a new restaurant, but not wanting to queue for two hours

The Temple of Hackney opened two months ago as a vegan fried ‘chicken’ shop and is still swamped with people. By the time you wait for everyone to forget about it, there will be a new eatery on your agenda.

Image may contain: food
Fast food, slow queue


Credit: Temple of Seitan (Hackney) Facebook Page

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