A Night with Janine Booth: Mostly Hating Tories

Janine Booth kindly presents her 'Mostly Hating Tories' book
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Poet and writer Janine Booth, made a comeback on stage performing her latest poems from her new book ‘Mostly Hating Tories’ on February 25th, at the Rich Mix cinema venue in Shoreditch.

As one of the original ram poets from the 80’s, Booth was chosen as the headline act of the spoken word performance event. On the night, she featured her book entitled poem Mostly Hating Tories, An Ode to Jeremy Hunt and The Boris Bridge.

Writing about her hatred for Tories never really was a decision she had to make, “I was writing poetry, and started performing it live last summer. People kept asking me whether I had a book out, so I thought I had better put one together!” she said.

When asked if Janine always hated the Tories her assertive “yes” says it all. She continues: “The only reason they exist is to serve the political interests of the capitalist class, the small minority of people who have economic power and privilege and wield it to exploit and punish working-class people. Just today, I read that they are going to make terminally ill people do work experience or lose their benefits. Really, how low can you go?”

Onto the night, she also performed non Tories’ related poems, the mind-opening poem Real Rape and The Housewife’s Trial. “I have several poems about violence against women that don’t mention Tories (although I should note that the Tories’ cuts in funding to women’s refuges aren’t exactly helpful),” she added.

The “Boris Johnson’s vanity ‘Garden bridge’ project; David Cameron’s supposed love of the NHS; Theresa May locking up extremists; Iain Duncan Smith’s assault on welfare; Lord Freud saying that disabled people should work for minimum wage; Jeremy Hunt…” are just a few of the issues she touches upon in her poems.

As a member of a Marxist group called Workers’ Liberty, Janine shared who she is supporting in the elections, “I’ll vote Labour, but I’m also actively involved in campaigning for Labour to go much further than the scant promises it is making and deliver policies that will really benefit working-class people e.g. repealing anti-union laws, bringing the railways and utilities back into public ownership; taxing the rich to fund public services.”

As she describes her book “Ranting lefty verse” with 33 poems featuring, you can grab a copy of ‘Mostly Hating Tories’ here.

Janine Booth
Janine Booth kindly presents her ‘Mostly Hating Tories’ book


Watch her performance of the night here.

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