All day breakfast in Shoreditch

Lovely, colourful decoration s of the Cafe photo credit: Susanna Flore
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Shoreditch is the perfect place to enjoy a bowl of cereal or porridge all day long.

London’s land of hipsters and murals has added two new places to the list of one-of-a-kind cafes to visit: the Porridge Café and the Cereal Killer Café.

At the beginning of March London’s first Porridge Café opened its doors on Paul Street.

Founded by two friends, Nik Williamson and Elly Harrington, this unique Café offers you a different menu every day, with sweet and savoury options of porridge and risottos. You can also choose to create your own porridge, from 11 different types of oats, mix them with dairy, plant milk or even soup.

“We love Porridge,” said Elly Harrington; she explains when asked why she choose to create a Porridge Café. “We visited Grod in Copenhagen and thought it was such a fantastic idea to have a Porridge Café and thought why not try something like that over here. We are a small business so a pop up shop made perfect sense.”

The couple also has their own catering company, Bow Food, specialising in English street food and now they are trying their chances with this temporary Café.

“The best part is being a pop up. “We get to try out ideas, see what works and take it with us to the next project,” added Elly.

It will be open for two weeks more, so if you are craving a healthy diverse breakfast why don’t you just pop-in before it pops-off?

a porridge bowl packed with fruits and syrup at Porridge Cafe photo credit: Susanna Flore
A Mango, Coconut &Lime porridge bowl at Porridge Cafe.
Photo credit: Susanna Flore


If you don’t count the calories, maybe would be better to opt for a bowl of cereal instead, for example at the UK’s first cereal cafe.

The Cereal Killer Café, based in the heart of Brick Lane, was opened on 10 December by the Keery twins. True to its name, they offer a “killing” stock of more than 100 different types of cereals, which come from all around the world, including America, South Korea and Australia, straight to your bowl. They also give you the possibility to choose among 12 different types of milk, manna from heaven if you are vegan or you just fancy trying some plant milk, and 20 different toppings, without forgetting colourful cakes, tarts and toasts.


A wall of specialities of cereals, at Cereal Killer Cafe photo credit: Susanna Flore
A wall of specialities of cereals, at Cereal Killer Cafe.
Photo credit: Susanna Flore

“The best thing about working here is just seeing how cereal makes everyone happy,” explains Tom Bartholomew, 20, waiter of Cereal Killer Cafe. “Everyday I see lots of people of a different demographic, it doesn’t matter their age, their race, whatever else. Everyone that comes in gets a big smile on their faces when they see their favourite cereal and they find something new. It’s very rewarding to see people happy when they get their food.”

This unique Café is immersed in a vintage atmosphere with 80s and 90s vibes, decorated with various memorabilia, like teddies, alarms and toys, plus posters of boy bands and rare cereal boxes, and even small TVs that transmit old cartoons. The Café also has its own merchandise, for all the cereal geeks around there, they don’t just offer cereal mugs, but also lip balms, T-shirts, badges and magnets, with a certain old-fashioned look.


Lovely, colourful decoration s of the Cafe photo credit: Susanna Flore
Lovely, colourful decoration s of the Cafe.
Photo credit: Susanna Flore


So, if you are feeling nostalgic and your favourite childhood cereal is nowhere to be found, or you want to try some new food without breaking the bank, just show up at the Cereal Killer Café, you won’t be disappointed.


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