Annoying Glitches with iPhone’s Siri

iphone 4s with siri app by rahidhidayat
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iphone 4s with siri app by rahidhidayat

Widespread reports of technical issues with Apple’s voice recognition app have been shown that the software is far from perfect.

The iPhone 4’s signature feature is its virtual assistant named Siri who acts as your very own personal assistant by translating your words into its actions. Its voice command and response attribute is supposed to make touching a keyboard obsolete but in reality, Siri has faults and isn’t as perfect as Apple’s TV ad’s report.

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“It can difficult to use the iphone Siri app, if you don’t talk in the specified manner using a very proper accent. I know alot of people including friends and family that have an African accent and find it difficult to get the right response from Siri.” says Rachel, a mobile phone sales advisor from 02 phone on the Holloway road.

It’s the wide varity of customers who speak in varied accents, pitches and inflections that are having difficulties. The future goal of Apple engineers is to program Siri to identify correctly the the diverse variations of speech and recognise every query in any context, no matter how it is phrased or pronounced.

Apple customer services representative, Amanda Newton commented, “Because the current speech technology does not improve with use, consumers had to teach themselves the precise way to say certain commands.”

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