Arsenal And Sunderland Drawing Blanks

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     232 Picture Credit: Creative Commons

Arsenal has continued to draw 0-0, with relegation threatening Sunderland AFC which failed to reclaim third place in the Premier League. Both teams faced several goal attempts with both sides being denied any penalty opportunities and  unable to clinch a win.

Sunderland AFC has moved out of the relegation zone ahead of Norwich City on goal difference, while Arsenal remain in fourth place behind Manchester City with the worst goal difference. This game will is vital for both teams  in order to secure the best final position in the League.

Sunderland’s Patrick Van Aanholt was the closest to scoring a goal with his free kick, which was a miss as it hit the goal post. Jermain Defoe beat Per Mertesacker in a one-on-one tackle and managed to chip the ball just wide of Peter Cech in goal.

Opportunities at goal

Arsenal had several opportunities at goal, however Oliver Giroud continued his disappointing streak with no successful attempts; this is now his 14th match without a goal.

A positive aspect to the game for Arsenal was in the last few minutes of the game with the return of Jack Wilshire, making his first appearance since the 2015 FA cup final. “He didn’t bring any goals to the game but his tackling skills showed he has been putting the work,” said 30-year-old Arsenal fan Kay Appiah. “We have full internationals in our squad but we can’t beat Sunderland. How can we fight for the title and Champions League when we can’t beat these simple rubbish clubs?”

It seems that Arsene Wenger has a significant amount of work to do with the team in order for them to reach the Champions League for the 17th consecutive year in a row. It might be out of their hands, with UEFA rules stating that if Manchester City wins the Champions League and Liverpool wins the Europa League, they may be unable to  enter due to a maximum of four English teams being allowed.

     23245Picture Credit: Creative Commons

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