Arsenal’s “Social Awareness” Programme for Players

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Photo by Laura Mendes


All football clubs are now on alert after the exploits of committed sex offender, former Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson, were revealed. After he was jailed for six years last month for sexually assaulting a schoolgirl, Premier League clubs have decided to increase their community programmes and strengthen players’ codes of conduct.

Fortunately, no such incident has occurred at Arsenal Football Club – and they are not in hurry to see it coming. With the increased financial rewards coming up next season with the touring of several countries, the club has decided to give its players a new social awareness programme once a week.

“This programme will show the players how to behave and be socially aware of their surroundings, knowing they’re millionaire players,” said Arsenal FC Supporters Trust spokesman Derrick Hateman.

This has been seen as a forward thinking project as they are the first Premier League club to act since the conviction of Adam Johnson.

“We need to protect not only the players but the coaches and also the supporters, we all have our demons but we can handle them by confronting them before it escalates,” said Hateman.

Arsenal are currently third in the Premier League with seven games to go with majority shareholder American sports tycoon Stan Kroenke controlling the club. The image of Arsenal has always been of a family and working class club, knowing that they are viewed in such high esteem. They have done well to take the necessary steps to protect the club by showing the fans the social awareness section in club magazine and website.

Photo by Laura Mendes

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