North London charity shops: Give them a go!

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By Shannon Eades

People often skip over charity shops when it comes to buying clothes, saying the clothes are too old, too used or too dirty. While it’s true that some people shop at charity shops religiously, the rest don’t really give it chance, perhaps because they want something new.

Charity shops exist for a good cause – so why not contribute to them?

Lots of charity shops abound around North London, many of which harbour some great fashion finds. You can get some great on trend, affordable pieces.



If you’re a student in London with a budget and you want to treat yourself after working hard on a gruelling assignment or you’ve just got paid at work, why not pop into your local charity shop and see what you can find?

It can sometimes be a hit and miss in charity shops. One day you’ll browse for hours and not find anything and the next time you go you’ll look for a minute and something will catch your eye.

‘Sometimes you walk in and find something special. Sometimes you don’t. It’s a surprise for me. I think shopping in a charity shop is better than your standard high street shop. It’s unique to the individual, nothing is the same,’ said Natalie, 20, who works for an energy supplier and didn’t want to give her surname. She was shopping in Oxfam in Camden, looking at the window display.

Try taking your time to really look at the clothes on the rack and feel the fabric for good quality. Pull some pieces out, don’t just look from the clothes rack, there could be something squished in there waiting for you.

Take a look at the shoes and accessorises section, you could find the handbag you’ve been looking for or the perfect everyday wear shoes. And if you’re struggling to find a job in London, you could even volunteer to work for one of these charities to boost your work experience on your CV.

A list of charity shops in North London you can visit include:


There’s a variety of Oxfam shops around North London. There’s one on Holloway Road, Camden Town and in Hampstead. Oxfam is slightly higher in price but you can find really beautiful unique pieces. You never know where the clothes originally came from, it could have come from the other side of the world.

Dream Community Charity shop

Further up the road from London Metropolitan University, this shop usually has some good clothes. Just from looking at the window display you get a good feeling there is something in there for you that’s cheap and of good quality. The staff there always say ‘hi’ when you first walk in.

IMG_2042 IMG_2041 IMG_2043

Cancer Research

According to Macmillan’s website fact sheet it is ‘estimated 2.5 million people are living with cancer in the UK’, so buying clothes and home goods can help to contribute to the research. Stores can be found in Islington. They have great clothes for a great price.


Located in Holloway. They offer unique second-hand clothes suitable for everyone. According to their website it states: ‘Expect the unexpected.’

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