New trends make a breakthrough

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Finally, the world is going off on a tangent and I love it. We’ve all accepted that we are guilty of following the latest trends but recently i’ve seen it all fall into place. Yes, our favourite celebrities may influence the way we dress but regardless to this, your average Joe Blogg is now taking control!

Trends ruled over us such as rock chick, refreshing pastels and geek chic but all these trends thrown together have created a brand new look. I’d like to call it the ‘make use of what you got’ look. What’s even better, you can make this look appropriate for wherever you’re heading; lunch with the girls, out for a stroll, the 9-5 shift or date night. It just works. This spontaneous trend includes layered fabrics; maybe a midi summer dress with a knitted vest over the top and a white wash denim waist-jacket to top it off. Add a pair of sparkly socks and fresh off the rack creepers and your fit to go.

The world has caught onto the fact that everything we wear has been a throwback from history. Those cute floral print pedal pushers your Mum would match with an oversized tee, frilly white socks and a pair of trainers weren’t actually as bad as we thought..

Remember the days when Lily Allen took the world by storm teaming Nike Air Max with evening gowns? It’s obvious the world took notes, granted not to the extremes but it’s true, we love trainers too, especially Nike Air Max ad Mid Blazers.

On the old school note, take a trip to your nan’s house and i’m positive you will come across some golden pieces for your vintage collection. I walked away with faux fur coats, clutch bags, jumpers- a vintage paradise hidden away at my Grandmother’s!

It’s easy to say the trend means wear anything, however it does include some form of structure, You have to be able to look at the outfit and think ‘wow’ it actually looks great. That’s the whole point of it, experimenting and coming out with a really different look.

Who said you can’t put an oversized long top over a maxi skirt? Who said you can’t wear trainers and socks with a dress? Fashion has emancipated itself from the traditional, boring tailored looks and has become an expression of personality more than ever.

By Abbie Chadwick

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