Con Man Theives Pensioners Life Savings

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A disabled pensioner from Holloway had his life-savings taken by a thieves.

Lee Vas, 78, had more than £7,000 taken when two con-men tricked him and got into his home pretending to be delivery men, delivering a package.

The con-men came with a big package which apparently contained a flat screen 42’inch TV, which Mr Vas was told to have won, but when Mr Vas told the two men he didn’t know anything about this, the thieves ran into his house and took the money.

Police are investigating, but are struggling and having difficulties after finding out that Mr’s Vas’s accommodation in Holloway Road does not have any CCTV or security on site, to protect the elderly residents.

Jane Cardona, Mr Vas’s daughter said, “This is ridiculous, the accommodation is meant to be sheltered but none of the residents are being protected. We were so shocked to find out that there has been no warden for years and there was no CCTV. My father’s very shocked right now.”

Mr Vas said, “My daughter is very angry and disappointed with the security and I am still in shock as to what has happened to me. I still don’t want to accept it. I am just grateful I did not get injured.”

Police said one suspect is a black man with a beard, aged 35 to 39-years-old who was wearing a black peaked cap, black trousers, a high visibility yellow jacket and had a sandy coloured rucksack during the theft.

Jan Godfrey, from Islington safety scheme, said, “I would like to remind elderly residents to always ask for any ID before letting anyone into their homes.”

Amber Wilde, managing director Basil Court which said there was protection for residents said, “We provide residents of Basil Court with a 24-hour emergency alarm service, which allows them to stay living independently in their own flats.

As with all tenancies, residents are given personal responsibility for their own possessions and keeping their doors and windows secure. This kind of incident underlines the importance of storing any valuables securely and safely whilst staying alert to the dangers of doorstep crime.”

She added: “We will fully support Mr Vas following this incident and assist with the police’s investigation.”

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