Creators of the Boxpark will open a new pop-up centre in Croydon

The Boxpark in Shoreditch, inspire the new project in East Croydon
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Creators of Shoreditch’s famous pop-up shopping centre, Boxpark, have agreed to create another centre outside of East Croydon station.

It has been called a “modern Covent Garden” by the founders of Boxpark and will be part of a regeneration project that is currently taking place in Croydon.

In 2011, Croydon was affected by the London riots, which has encouraged developers to invest millions into the area.

The Boxpark in Shoreditch, inspire the new project in East Croydon
The Boxpark in Shoreditch, inspire the new project in East Croydon photo credit: James Mitchell/ creative commons


It was recently announced by the Chancellor that there will be an input of £7 million, and that a Westfield shopping centre – that will bring with it over 600 homes, could officially open by 2018.

Hemgul Aliss, a shop worker at one of Shoreditch’s Boxpark stores, Tuhcs & Egan, said: “It can only be a good thing that stores like this are hopefully making their way into the future. It gave this shop a platform and without something like Boxpark they wouldn’t have been able to afford the rent anywhere else.”

Aliss described the Shoreditch pop-up centre as, “vibrant, fresh and full of opportunities.”

Aliss added: “The people traffic you get here is also really great. People come out of the station and see all the stores pretty much instantly so it’s a great tourist attraction and gives the area something unique and maybe something to be proud of.”

In order to create the new Boxpark in East Croydon, the developers will be using 80 shipping containers, which will provide areas for eating, drinking and shopping. It also allows room for events and fundraisers to take place.

The new park will be twice the size of the original pop-up store in Shoreditch and guarantees over 200 new jobs to be available in the area once it has officially opened.

Shoreditch,Boxpark pop-up stores Matt Brown/Creative Commons
Shoreditch,Boxpark pop-up stores
Matt Brown/Creative Commons


Local resident, Amjeer Khan, said: “I look forward to the future of Croydon being a good one. I hadn’t heard about the new shopping centre but it sounds like a fantastic idea to me, it will encourage tourism I think which would be great for the area.”

The deputy leader of Croydon council, Alison Butler, has shown her continued support for the regeneration project and has spoken about how positive the news is for the residents of the area.



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