Django Unchained singer will perform at the Etcetera Theatre.

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On April Saturday 25th and Sunday the 26th one of London’s smallest theatres will welcome Brother Dege for the final dates of his European solo tour.

The Etcetera Theatre has put tickets online for the gigs of the American artist, which marks the end of his European solo tour and the beginning of a second European tour with the American band The Brotherhood of Blues.

Brother Dege and his guitar became famous after being featured on the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’. Dege will perform in London for two private gigs at the Etcetera Theatre. / Photo credit: Mike Buck

Brother Dege became famous after the release of the soundtrack from Quentin Tarantino’s movie ‘Django Unchained’, on which he interpreted ‘Too Old to Die Young’.

‘‘Quentin [Tarantino] heard the song in his car. Satellite radio on Genya Raven’s show. Then they contacted me,’’ said Brother Dege.

Thanks to the small and intimate environment that the Etcetera Theatre provides, it has become the perfect venue for Londoners who are looking for new comedy and talent.

It is going to be Brother Dege’s fourth European tour. He added: ‘‘Every time I come to Europe, I don’t want to leave. It’s beautiful. It’s ancient. It’s modern. And people respond to art. So I feel at home here. The deep south is historically poor place and I ain’t no rich kid with a trust fund or a job waiting for me at daddy’s factory. It’s been one long trek through the jungle of the unknown for as long as I can remember’’.

With only 42 seats, the theatre which has been located in the heart of Camden since 1986, on top of The Oxford Arms, has developed a good reputation as a small theatre of London.

“It’s such an intimate space for the audience. The advantage of such a small space is that all the seats are good seats; you do feel a part of what’s going on. It is that closeness and that proximity I think that makes this space special for audiences,” said Maud Madlyn, Artistic Director & Theatre Manager since September 2014.

The Etcetera Theatre located above the Oxford Arms, on Camden High Street, home to new UK and international talents. / Emilie Herman
The Etcetera Theatre located above the Oxford Arms, on Camden High Street, home to new UK and international talents. / Photo credit: Emilie Herman

The Etcetera Theatre has not only become an important stop for the UK’s new talent but it has also become the home to well-known British artists who often come back wanting to try out new elements such as, the musician/actor Bill Bailey and musician Simon Amstell.

Madlyn added: ‘‘For artists it’s an intimate black box space which comes empty, which means that they’ve got an amazing flexibility and versatility in the use of this space. And considering how small it is, it is still bigger than a lot of space and it is really well-equipped. They do have a technical platform to try a lot of things out. We have got projector, a screen, a piano; they have a lot of tools to try their material out.”

‘‘What made me choose the Etcetera theatre to perform in London. I’m not sure how this happened. My agent hooked it up. I’m a world away in Louisiana, so I’m still learning about the place. We’re kind of isolated out here. But I’m stoked to be coming. So many of the greatest artists in the world, even beyond music, come from the UK. From Shakespeare to Lee Mavers. Much respect,’’ added Dege.

The tickets for Brother Dege’s gig are now available on the Etcetera Theatre website for £10.



• For more information, please visit the Etcetera Theatre Website and Brother Dege Facebook page.

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