Do young adults in North London care enough to vote?

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Decision time... Image by Dudley Council


Every four years in London, during April, you can’t help but notice those letters pouring in through your letterbox. They are addressed to you, a special delivery, and look like a bill that you might not have paid. In fact, it’s the candidates for government elections, wanting the public to take precious time to vote for them.

Whilst considering what to do with the letter, as it tries to persuade you to elect them for Mayor of London, do we choose from Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone, Brian Paddick, or Jenny Jones?  Do we throw it away and forget about it? Or does our future generation keep it and feel determined and excited to have their right and impact on how our city will be maintained regarding our transport and police?

On the news, in the papers and campaigners we see our local streets giving us updates and stories of what is going on and the competitiveness of those that so badly want to win.

Never before have we heard so much from the candidates and what they will do as an advantage in the busy city of London. It has reached a point where we cannot escape it.

Shanai Bogle, 21, and a North Londoner, who works at Debenhams, said, “Young adults say that they feel the pressure as they are always represented to not vote or care about what goes on.  They all have very different views and ideas on what to do and they all have their pros and cons so I don’t really mind who gets in.”

This is an on-going question. Why do those under the age of 24 feel that they don’t  need to vote or they are simply not registered?  In the last General Election, around 65.1% of the public in the UK voted, and the electoral commission indicated that little less than 60% of adults under the age of 26 did not vote.

Miss Bogle, Patricia Daniels, 23 thinks otherwise, saying, “I like voting, it makes me feel that I will be listened and that when you do people are making the decision of who is elected for our city. Some young people vote and some don’t it really just depends on what is going on in their lives and how they personally feel.”




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