February is the month of love: celebrate yours for cinema!

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All over London, vintage is back in trend. Whether it’s getting a pair of shoes your grandmother would have worn, or a cameo jacket that was used by a retired war veteran; everyone seems to agree that the older something is, the newer and trendier it becomes. So it comes as no surprise that old films are making a come-back to the big screen. Get ready to throw out your VHS tapes and buy a bucket of popcorn for the screenings of classics like: A Clockwork Orange, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and, for those who dare dive deep into the classics, Jaws.

For those of you who don’t love Valentine’s Day do not fear, you’ll get plenty of love from the movies showing on February 14th at the Hackney Picturehouse and the Curzon Cinema. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is showing at the Picturehouse and Casablanca is showing at Curzon, both cult classics to enjoy with friends, lovers, or even by your lonesome self. Tickets to both of these shows are still available, so hurry up and get yours before they go…

And for the ones who have better things to do than sit at the cinema on Valentine’s day, A Clockwork Orange is being played just over a week later in Islington at Screen on the Green. February 23rd will celebrate Kubrick’s controversial film at this comfortable, retro cinema were you get not only the feeling, but also the whole experience of the 70’s classic.

If you haven’t seen this film it’s worth going, and will be unimaginably interesting at this venue. “Vintage films will always exist, and gain an audience,” said 26-year-old ticket master at Screen on the Green Jack Holder.

He added: “Some films are just timeless and it will always be this way, February looks to be a promising month, old films seem to be becoming a trend which is great, long live cinema!”

Three days later, if A Clockwork Orange doesn’t scare you enough, join The Breakfast Club on the 26th of February, in Shoreditch, for their screening of Jaws, for only a five-pound entry which includes popcorn and a beverage (beer or wine). This showcase of award-winning cinema not only celebrates the importance of films that have influenced film but will also celebrate the upcoming awards that will be given out for last year’s films.

“Shoreditch doesn’t have a cinema,” says waiter Eric, “but this is our version of it. Hopefully it’ll be a success and we can keep doing it – it doesn’t just entertain the guests, it entertains all of us.”

So whether it’s snuggling up with a loved one, going with your friends or just simply enjoying the films that you’ve grown up with, February is the month of the revival of classic cinema. Let’s all make like those good films and get rolling to any of these locations to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of film!