Find Your Own Glass Slipper!

A Range of Glass Slippers!
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With the release of Cinderella drawing closer and closer, the world will likely become obsessed with shoes, as people seek their own glass slippers!

A Range of Glass Slippers!
A Range of “Glass” Slippers!

Shoemakers are about to become everyone’s fairy godmothers as they find the perfect fit for those seeking to bring some new life to their feet.

All around London, boroughs are getting ready to showcase their best shoes in the windows and make sure that they are as gorgeous as those in the film. Just without the expensive price tag, as the Christian Louboutin’s featured in the film cost £ 2,195 – which, for many of us, is a bit too much to pay.

The correct shoe can make anyone feel like the perfect princess or prince, and it doesn’t matter if they are not made out of glass. It is actually probably for the best, as they would be highly dangerous and probably not as comfortable as it seems. Flats, heels, boots and even wellington boots are all about to get their moments in the limelight and many local shops know that this is coming.

Local Holloway shop Zahra Shoes is preparing to provide everyone with their own glass slippers for a more affordable price. Shop assistant Chloe, who didn’t wish to state her last name, said that she “doesn’t think that the film will bring a rush in,”  but she feels that when people come into the store after the film, they will be looking for “leather comfy shoes,” because the need for comfort is the “modern day glass slipper” for a lot of people who enter their store.

The film, which is out next week, will make us want to get up and go to the ball – and we will have no fear about going, thanks to shops like Zahra Shoes preparing us.

Plus, the shoes won’t be disappearing at midnight!

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