Football fans demand better technology

A referee hands out a red card during the World Cup
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It has been brought to many people’s attention that a modern football game is more than likely to have the referee make decisions that may not be completely accurate. It has been suggested for some years now, that football should join other sports, such as tennis, in introducing technology to the game.

Fans who watch the Premier League have publicly expressed their desire to introduce technology into football as they do not want to see their team suffer at the hands of the referees.

Claire Stewart, an Arsenal fan said: “I find it very annoying when the referees make the wrong decision. They don’t really care about football enough to really pay attention to what’s happening.”

Thomas Hane, another Arsenal fan said: “I have supported Arsenal for about 5 years now, and as a member, I pay £36 to see a good game. Not often, but more so now than ever, the referees and their assistants seem to be making more mistakes that usual.”

In a modern game of football the roles of the referees have changed, such as referees giving out yellow or red cards on tackles that would have been deemed fit many years ago. It can be argued that with referees getting involved in the game as much as they do, leaves more of a chance of a bad decision being made on their behalf.

Aaron Devin, a Chelsea fan said: “Goal line technology should be introduced already. I remember going to see Chelsea

A referee hands out a red card during the World Cup
A referee hands out a red card during the World Cup. Would technology help improve these decisions?

versus Manchester United with my girlfriend and mum. Mark Clattenburg did an awful job with the game. He gave away 2 red cards, and let an offside goal stand. This is really ruining our game. Whether it’s managers getting fired, or teams being relegated, it’s all because of the referees.”

In the world of tennis, technology other wise known as the “Hawk Eye” was introduced in 2005 to recognise the errors that the umpire and linesmen/women could have made. For every set, every tennis player receives 3 challenges to use if they believe that the lines-people or umpire has made a mistake.

During the post match interview, many managers have been fined by the FA for overly criticizing referees for their decisions that they believe have caused their team to lose. Recently with West Ham’s Sam Allardyce being charged by the FA for misconduct of accusing referee Phil Dowd for being bias. Some football fans have also called for the FA to be slower to fine the managers and instead spend more time trying to introduce goal line technology into the game.

Referee Mike Dean was the main official in charge of the Arsenal verses Manchester City game. During the game, the referee showed 2 red cards, one to each player of the opposing teams. Arsenal fan David Blac said: “ I thought that the first red card was at most a yellow card, the second however was a fair tackle, but the referee said otherwise.”