Free fitness classes for the elderly

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Sport and fitness classes in Camden have been opened to the public to join classes and get fit. The Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre offers the public a chance to interact with other members in the area, as a way of making the community as strong as possible. The Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre also provides classes aimed towards the elderly.

A worker at the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre said that the main reason for the sports and fitness centre targeting the elderly was to let the older residents of Camden feel more involved within the community. She continued: “We offer a variety of free classes to the elderly of our community. This shows that we don’t only target the youth in our community, but the older generation as well.”

The Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre has been open since 2006, and has been working with GLL as a way of better communication with the public. Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre offers a variety of different types of sports including badminton, belly dancing, Zumba dancing, swimming and many more.

A receptionist at the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre said: “We want the elderly to be apart of our community and see what we have to offer. We want them to feel like they can come to one of our many classes, and interact with each other, have fun and burn calories.

The Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre offer a number of classes to the elderly free of charge. This is because they want the elderly to have the incentive to come to one of their classes and not have to worry about finances. They also want the elder generations in the community to be more active and socialise with their peers.

Why not try Belly Dancing in Camden?
Why not try Belly Dancing in Camden?

When asked about their unique classes, Claudia, one of the belly dancing teachers said: “You can stretch and tone your body in a number of ways, but I waned to incorporate belly dancing because it’s a fun way to lose weight, plus you gain a few moves in the process. My classes are aimed for women, but men are also welcome, and age is no problem, as long as you are over the age of 18, we have no limits.”

GLL community engage people no matter what age in the hope of encouraging people to feel more apart of the community.

The Leisure Centre also provides Taoist Tai Chi lessons for people over 50 years of age. During these classes they aim to help the elders meditate and focus on their “Inner Chi”, to relieve stress. The receptionist claimed that many of their classes are unique and different in a good way. This is because they want to appeal to all ages of the community and have everyone getting involved. However, they also wanted to stand out from all of the other Leisure Centres within London.