Gender-Swapping Shakespeare

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Shakespeare with the Genders Reversed

Tomorrow marks the first day of a dozen gender-swapping performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream taking place at the Pleasance Theatre, in North Road, Islington.

From the 16th-27th March, this unusual adaption of one of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays promises to give the audience a new perspective on gender roles.


‘How do women woo and can men be wooed?’ ‘Is vulnerability reserved only for the physically weak?’ These are just some of the questions explored by The Reversed Shakespeare Company.

Male characters are portrayed as females, played by females – and vice versa.

The comedy-play will tell the story of a man chasing a woman, demanding that she love him.

Exploring an exciting new concept, the company also offer post-show discussions which include ‘breaking gender stereotypes’ and ‘gender and casting classics’.

More information and tickets available at:



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