Generation Gap and Technology

Photo Credit / Creative Commons
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Whether it’s a walk down the road, a ride on the bus or on a train, the majority of people sharing that same trip will be using some kind of technology. This can vary from phones to iPod’s, mp3 players or laptops.

Photo Credit / Creative Commons
Photo Credit / Creative Commons

The use of technology seems to be more prominent within the younger generation, usually the first to rush to get the latest phone or game console – the generation that does not need instructions. The ones who can just press a few buttons and figure everything out. Its almost as if their brains are wired to do so.

Rebecca Stunn, 24, said: “I believe our generation has really had the best of both worlds, as I still remember playing out in the streets when I was younger. But we have still been able to adapt very quickly with the new way of technology. For instance, with the older generation it takes them a little longer. Like my parents will still ask me to change simple settings on their phone for them, or write a text message because I can do it faster”.

Rebecca went on to say that, “Whereas technology is all that the younger generation will know, I watch children as young as four, use all these different devices with no problem.”

For the older generation, the extreme growth of technology has not been so easy to adapt to. As people will now use their phones for alarms, diaries, notebooks, games and many other things. Some from the older generation still only use their phones for communication, the original objective.

Sarah–Jane, 28, said “It’s probably so difficult for the older lot, who find it hard to get a grips with the new technology. Everything is now computerised, there is a lot of things that cannot be done without the use of technology. For example, applications for most things are done online and those that have rarely ever needed to use computers now how have no choice but to learn how to use them”.

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