Holloway Getaways

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Story and pictures by Barbara Sike

Tube stations. Court buildings. Chicken shops. Universities. Holloway road is known for many things, but not green areas.

The North London borough has been an area for residence rather than open parks for many decades now. But while it might be lacking the big open spaces, there are some hidden treasures down Holloway Road for those wanting a bit of green sanctuary.

Highbury Fields 

(Highbury Fields, London, N5)

Highbury Fields is the biggest park in Islington. Only three minutes walk from Highbury and Islington Station, the Fields will treat you to over 11 hectares of green space as well as rentable courts for outdoor activities, Highbury Pool for water lovers and indoor tennis facilities.

Highbury Fields4

Biddestone Park

(Biddestone Road, London, N7 9SP)

The small but perfectly formed park is located just five minutes from Holloway Road Station, hidden by local shops. The park caters for the children and families with its wooden climbing frame, sandpit, basketball hoop and benches for casual talks. The space has undergone improvement works just over a year ago, and the changes have been greatly welcomed by locals.

Biddestone park

Caledonian Park and Market Road Gardens

(Market Road, London, N7 9PL)

One tube stop – or a nice walk – away from Holloway Road station is a beautiful green area of Market Road Gardens and Caledonian Park, located on opposite sides of Market Road.

Caledonian Park is not only famous for its spectacular green and open spaces. The historical Clocktower on the side of the park opened in 1855, and was the centrepiece of Metropolitan Cattle Market. Just near the park is a popular adventure playground, indoor tennis court and a gym.

Caledonian Park

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