Homeless man steals chocolate bars for hot food

Outside Highbury Corner Magistrates Court
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By Giada Bocca and Diana Adebayo


A homeless man has appeared before Highbury Corner Magistrates Court charged with shoplifting.

Maurice James, 34, was arrested yesterday (March 20th).He pleaded guilty to stealing £24 worth of chocolate bars at Tesco in Holloway Road.

He was caught on  CCTV carrying a bag which had a large number of chocolate bars in it. After he was stopped by the security guard, he dropped the bag and quickly surrendered.

The police were called and James was arrested. Once in custody, he tested positive for cocaine.

James’ solicitor said he’s a homeless man with two daughters but due to his circumstances he has not had any contact with them for over a year.

“His reason for stealing the chocolate bars was to sell them in order to buy hot food because most donations he receives from the public are either cold sandiiches or cold food” said Mr. James’  solicitor.

Since he already spent a night in custody, the Magistrates reduced his fine to £50. He then released and ordered to see Mrs. Swanston, the Probation officer, who could help him with his accommodation.





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