International Women’s Day: Celebrating success and promoting equality

Beyoncé supporting International Women's Day. Photo Credit Beyoncé's Instagram
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International Women’s Day is not just targeted at feminist women or women who hate men. It is targeted to women of all ages, sizes and races, those who are married or single, those who have children and those who do not. International Women’s Day promotes every woman’s qualities, whether she is a doctor, housewife or rice picker.


On Sunday 8th of March, Nina Kafai from the Islamic Education Research Academy held a webinar about Muslim women’s spiritual and intellectual journey, during which she hit a very important issue regarding women. She said that “No matter what religion you are, we are women and us women need to stand strong because we birth the world.”


Dating back to the 1920’s, women have stood up for inequality, fighting for women’s rights and primarily for women to have the right to vote with peaceful and radical protests. Since 1920, some of the most influential and notable in history have contributed to the equality of women.


In the 1930’s Marlene Dietrich was one of the first women in Hollywood to wear trousers which were considered a taboo and extremely scandalous. She was nearly arrested for wearing trousers in public. One of her famous sayings is, “I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men”.


In the workplace even in 2015, women still do not earn the same salary as men. However, in 1970 women did not have the same job opportunities as men. Barbara Walters was the first female co-anchor for ABC and created the way for women in journalism. She did this on half the salary as her co-host.


In a society where the media (and in a sexist way men have created this image too) has formed the ideal image of women from their body shape, to their hair style and facial features and many woman accept this ideology. Ultimately artists such as Beyoncé, Madonna and Lady Gaga bring the feminist movement to modern day pop culture. Madonna built her career on pushing the boundaries of women and sexuality through her music, clothes and music videos.

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