Islington Interfaith Worship

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By Abigail Opiah and Wendy Abiri

Islington is a hub of several religious groups who all celebrate the 5th of May in their own way for various reasons.

On Ascension Day or Holy Thursday (sometimes celebrated the following Sunday), Christians mark the 40th day after Easter by going to their local church services and having a feast to celebrate this special day.

The 5th of May for Christians commemorates the last day on Earth of the risen Christ, who ascended into heaven in the presence of many witnesses.

“We are big on interfaith cooperation and welcome people from all religious backgrounds to come and celebrate with us,” said Olanrewasu Johnson Balogun, 30, volunteer at St Mary Magdalene Church on Holloway Road.

“For Ascension Day we will be holding a special morning prayer at 8:30am and the main Ascension Day Service will be held in Holloway road at 7pm.”

Promoting Unity

Americans celebrate May 5th through “National Prayer Day”, where individuals can become ‘a person of prayer’ or simply donate to the National Day of Prayer task force online.

Muslims celebrate the 5th of May as ‘The Prophet’s Night Journey’. This festival celebrates the journey of Prophet Muhammad who received a command to pray five times a day, to mark the day Muslims must pray five-plus times and read the Qur’an.

For Jewish People the day is Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah), to commemorate the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust. Jewish people light candles and special services are held in memory.

“Regardless of all events for different religions sharing the same date which is the 5th of May, there is a bigger picture, one that promotes unity, social justice and facilitating issues that impact the local community,” said Mustafa Field MBE, 35, Director of Faith Forum for London.

“Faith Forum for London has shifted from meeting for cups of tea and coffee to meaningful gathering to look at the bigger picture of having all faiths cooperate,” he said.


Local Places of Worship


St Mary Magdalene Church

Holloway Road




The Holloway Mosque

152 Holloway Rd


N7 8DD


Andrade Synagogue

Spencer House

Essex Road


London N1


Islington and Camden Mission Circuit

Archway Methodist Church

Archway Close,

London N19 3TD


North London Buddhist Centre

72 Holloway Rd


N7 8JG


Quaker Friends Meeting House

173 – 177 Euston Road



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