Islington Mueseum Olympic Exhibition

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Islington Museum are currently holding a memorial exhibition ‘Celebrating 2012’, which is devoted to the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games.

After a summer of sport, Islington Museum has set about collecting photographs and evidence from local residents to kick start January with a 2012 Olympic exhibition.

By creating this collage of events, the community of Islington are able to remember the neighboroughly spirit, health factors and excitement, which the Olympics brought.

The museum has gathered information and capitulating images from the majority of all the 140 Olympic events held within the Islington area.

A light sculptured diver by Ron Haselden was the very first of all events.

The lights were installed back in February 2012 at Diespeker Wharf, depicting a man jumping from a diving board and landing in Regents Canal.

Other images such as organised street parties, live music and acting societies are all photographed.

Every image is accompanied by a plaque to indicate what was happening at that particular time and how it gathered excitement for the Olympics.

Torches which were made by local kids, are put on display.
Torches which were made by local kids, are put on display.

Islington localised the Olympics by allowing school children from across the borough to design and create torches for their very own relay.

The children then went on to compete against each other in a torch relay race where they ran from school to school and ended the race at Islington Town Hall.

26 schools participated in this event.

Duncombe Primary School won the Gold Medal, followed by Copenhagen and Moreland Primary School.

A projector placed in the middle of the room shows a slideshow of the children who partook in this event.

Their voices fill the room with thrills and laughter which sets a perfect atmosphere for what the Olympics brought to this borough and the positive effects that it had on the children.

“This community based project, specific to Islington raised a lot of awareness about health and recommended diet for all. We are aiming to reignite the closeness and sporting bonanza which this area held throughout 2012. We have been mainly visited by parents and their children, after school and especially on Saturdays, that is our busiest day.” Anne Marie Garbutt, Islington Museum Volunteer.

Hundreds of programs from across London were contacted to help set up the exhibition.

A lot of thought, effort and hard work were put into the 140 individual events and this is show via the plaque thanking the nearing 100 programs who took part in creating such a memorable year.

Councils, Embassies and creative groups spent much time and funding into such events.

Local mother, Michelle Henry, 36, says “Myself and my children learnt so much about different sporting events. My daughter now attends gymnastics twice a week and my son is a keen footballer. If it wasn’t for this community project, I probably wouldn’t have understood the importance of keeping fit.”

The ‘Celebrating 2012’ ends on 1st February.

For more information, please contact or 020 5727 2837.

By Thomasina Jordan – Rhodes