Islington’s Spring Clean

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An innovative way of cleaning up the local borough has been introduced by Islington council.


The council have created an app which Claudia Webbe, executive council member for environment and transport, says they will “make Islington town centre and the surrounding neighborhood a better place to live.”

The ‘Clean Islington’ app can be downloaded by members of the public who are then urged to use it to report sightings, such as fly-tipping, dog mess and graffiti. Following these reports, street cleaners will be sent to the scene to remove them.

‘Big Belly Bins’ have also been introduced into the area in an attempt to improve recycling and waste systems. These solar powered bins can hold up to eight times the amount of rubbish of a normal bin as have fitted crushing technology inside them.

Claudia Webbe also commented that these bins, “will be of use tackling recycling issues in the busiest parts of our borough.”

With community clean up walks being held earlier in the month, time will tell whether this clean-up has a temporary or a lasting effect on the area.

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