Justice for Henry Hicks

In honour of Henry Hicks/ Justice for Henry Hicks Facebook page
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In honour of Henry Hicks/ Justice for Henry Hicks Facebook page
In honour of Henry Hicks/ Photo credit: Justice for Henry Hicks Facebook page

Last December, teenager Henry Hicks was involved in a fatal hit and run.

The incident happened two months after his friend, Joe Walker, was killed in a similar bike crash in Seven Sisters Road in October 2014.

Hicks, 18, died on December 18 when his black Vespa scooter was hit by a car in Holloway. It is claimed that he had driven off after being approached by two police officers who had been following him.

Since the incident, there has been many petitions, including a Twitter account named “Justice for Henry”, Facebook and Instagram pages asking the public to take part in getting justice for Henry Hicks.

Celebrities such as Danny Dyer from EastEnders, Arsenal players Mikel Arteta and Hector Bellerin have posted pictures wearing the “Justice for Henry” badge to show their support.

There will be a march for Henry’s justice in April of this year.

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2 Comments on Justice for Henry Hicks

  1. Thank you holloway express
    Henry was a good kid.
    A local kid with a big heart.
    Very much loved by family and friends.
    A big arsenal fan.

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