‘Labour is on your side’

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Islington tenants are predominantly  Labour supporters and since  the run up to the elections for the Mayor of London today, Jeremy Corbyn has been reinforcing that fact.

Jennette Arnold is considered a strong Labour candidate by her party and is running for the North-East London constituency of the London Assembly, which includes Islington, Hackney and Waltham Forest.

After her win in 2000, she said: ” I am proud to be a part of the change that has made Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest great”. During her time as the North-East London Assembly constituent, she “championed the Olympic bid for London, secured the new East London Line, fought for the creation of Safer Neighbourhood Teams, and campaigned successfully for a smoke-free London”.


Jennette Arnold and Ken Livingstone, picture courtesy of Jennette Arnold

Islington North ward’s MP, Jeremy Corbyn, has been busy as usual campaigning to get their message across.

He hasn’t taken his duties lightly this year, as he has been running a door-to-door campaign by speaking to tenants and getting their views on the coming election.

John Matthews, 22, said: ”I think it’s all very well and good that Mr. Corbyn has decided to pay us a visit before the elections but it still doesn’t change the fact that there are housing problems across the borough which is affecting me and my girlfriend.”

He said that the Labour party promises the public to “cut fares, crack down on crimes, and help reduce rent” in comparison to the Tories who “are getting it wrong.”

Mr Corbyn said that Labour believes that “picking a mayor is a big responsibility”, because a Conservative win means “they will get away with much worse” and we can expect cuts to take place much quicker, as well as risking the National Health Service’s current financial structure.

Not all the tenants were unenthusiastic about Jeremy Corbyn’s visit.  Mother-of-two, Charlotte from Islington was ecstatic to see her local MP at her door-step reminding her to vote on 3rd May. She described the visit as “a great day” for her and she assured him that she too wanted a Labour mayor in London.


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