Liverpool comes to London

The Hummingbirds
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The Hummingbirds

Liverpool. What was once a city renowned for it’s musical talent is now much more recognized for its glamour, pretentious nightlife and of course, the ‘scouse brow’. The media have succeeded in attaching yet another stigma Liverpool and as a fellow Liverpudlian, I’m sick of Londoners mocking my curly blow with a quick ‘calm down, calm down’ afterwards.

What happened to the once buzzing music scene belonging to Liverpool? Yes, they are known world wide for the success of The Beatles but decades later is that still enough? Has the Liverpool music scene become unfocused and forgotten about?

On Wednesday 25th April, Hoxton Square Bar in the east end of London hosted a launch event for the fifth Liverpool Sound City festival where artists such as Professor Green, Temper Trap and many more are scheduled to play from the 17th-19th May.

However, instead of using recognised names to showcase the event in the capital to gather interest, Dave Pichilingi the event organiser treated London’s music lovers to four, home grown, Liverpudlian bands, with have their own individual flares.  It was refreshing and humbling to see a group of bands with such raw talent representing my city. The night reminded everybody that Liverpool still has a lot to offer music and is yet far from expiring.

Merseyside born Cara Peeney said “There are some really amazing, organic musicians coming out of Liverpool at the moment and a night like this shows just how many.”

There was a huge sense of community at the event, one thing musicians from Liverpool come with is a loyal fan base. Three quarters of the room belonged to fans that had paid a £20 fee to travel to London and back after the gig all to make sure support was shown to the bands.

The musical talent in the small basement room of the bar created an instant buzz and excitement. There are arguments that the London music scene has become predictable and manufactured, making the freshness of this hardworking, success thirsty gang of musicians so admirable.  “I’ve lived in London for over six years and I’ve never seen anything like it, they were fantastic.“ agreed crowd member, Niamh Crawford.

The Hummingbirds were a fun, modern acoustic band with elements of The Beatles. The Tea Street Band were a little different bringing hints of the 90s dance scene across in some songs. Luke Fenlon was a Dylan-esque singer captivating the audience with his beautifully wrote lyrics.

“It’s great being able to come down to London and show them what Liverpool is made of,” said The Hummingbirds bass player, Ryan Lewis, a strong believer in Liverpool’s music scene. “Our music scene has never gone away, bands are just too lazy to broaden their horizons onto larger cities because ours is so great. It all comes down to being a big fish in a little pond, it’s daunting coming to London knowing you’re up against the masses.”


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