Look out for the hidden market!

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By Michaela Nagyidaiova

Indoor and outdoor street food, vintage and antique markets are a great part of London’s culture. The hidden ones, where you can peacefully enjoy a quick bite without having to queue for too long, don’t remain hidden for  too long, and there are loads of popular ones still worth visiting.


Frequenting different markets on the weekend has become a favourite activity of many, as you are able to relish the atmosphere, indulge in the peculiar smells and simply breathe in the fresh air. East London definitely belongs to the part of the city where market culture keeps growing and getting better. If you feel like spending time there any time soon, check out these spots:

Old Spitafields Market
 It’s open every day but don’t miss out on going over the weekend, as the ambience gets so much better. Saturdays and Sundays are far from empty, which means you might have to queue a little when wanting to order a  meal or a coffee. Still, it’s worth visiting. It’s perfect as its central location enables you to easily get to Liverpool Street, Brick Lane and Whitechapel. The market is inside of a historical building, so you can weather the weather.
Whitecross Market
This old favourite is just a short walk from Spitafields, near busy Old Street. It’s a favourite of people who work in the area, as it’s only open during lunchtime and during the week. This is one of the less pricey food markets, and offers proper, traditional street food. You can get there with £5 -£7 in your pocket and end up leaving full.
Broadway Market in Hackney
The next east London gem, and our personal favourite. Start your Saturday morning here by sipping a warm cup of coffee from one of the loveliest cafés in Hackney called Crimson and Sons. If you arrive early, you can witness market food and stall preparations. The fundamental law of being a good market visitor is going there with an empty stomach! Broadway Market offers almost everything from fresh carrot and pistachio cakes to old books and bikes. In addition, the street it’s on has many delicious restaurants available to try, each with an outside seating area.
Sunday is a day for brunches and flower markets. So go for a stroll through lovely Columbia Road, famous for its flower market and typical brick houses and colorful doors. But remember, it gets busy. Very busy. It’s better to get up early to get some of the best plants, flowers and even herbs for your window cell.


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