Making money from your living room

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You’ve heard of Airbnb, the ever-growing website that helps people list and rent their homes out to others. Now there seems to be a surge in sites offering temporary space for a smaller period of time – and a smaller fee. So, when you shut your front door in the morning leaving your place empty for the whole day, why not make a bit of money out of it?

Launched in 2015, Vrumi has been called a “sharing economy” to help entrepreneurs work in areas they couldn’t previously afford and may only need part-time. Vrumi wants to tackle the space shortage in London by making the unused rooms across the city available to people who are looking for a creative workplace instead of a crammed office filled with colleagues you dislike.

Founders Roddy Campbell and William Sieghart started a crowdfunding page on Seedrs for their start-up, aiming to raise £400,000 which they reached within 24 hours.

Campbell had been considering the idea for two decades, starting when he noticed his neighbour leave the house and a music teacher would come in to use the piano and teach students. Campbell said: “It was infuriating, not for the noise, but the fact that my neighbour was earning money from something so simple. It also stayed with me that the teacher had a business he otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

Islington residents are also getting the hang of the website, with over 50 listings for rooms in the borough ranging between £17 and £600 a day.

Another ‘temp-space’ initiative is Breather, known as an “Airbnb by the hour”, which lets you rent space to work or take part in activities you’d prefer to perform behind closed doors. Currently Breather is only available in a few cities across the US and Canada.Vrumi Tweet 1Vrumi Tweet 3

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