Man appeared at Magistrates’ Court with threats to kill

Outside Highbury Corner Magistrates Court
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Highbury Magistrates Court
Highbury Magistrates Court

By Despoina Chiou and Laura Formby

A man has appeared in Highbury Corner Magistrates Court charged with assault, including threats to kill.

Nicolai Avram, 41, a self-employed carpenter from Wood Green, threatened to kill his partner at their home on April 2nd. according to the prosecution.

The court heard that  Mr Avram grabbed his partner and shook her and punched her right arm, then told her that he wanted her to leave. The victim was scared and took their son, plus their passports and birth certificates. She then went to a parking lot and called her daughter, who then took her home.

As she tried to leave the room, Mr  Avram pulled her back and charged at her with his hands, moving them towards her neck. He then said: “Now I will kill you, I will murder you.”

The defendant was charged with two offences and pleaded guilty to just one. According to Mr Avram, he was upset with his daughter as she was leaving to live with her husband. He then confessed to pushing his partner.

The man was also charged with beating his daughter on December 2016 and pleaded not guilty to this offence.

According to the victims, incidents like this had happened before but the man has not been charged with any previous convictions.

The Court granted the defendant bail on the condition he refrain from contact with his family until the next hearing on the 11th of May 2017 at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court. He can only contact his son through a solicitor.


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