No Musical Touch In Holloway?

Holloway faces stiff competition from Camden's number one music venue
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Holloway faces stiff competition from Camden's number one music venue. Image by fractal.scatter

By Saphron Grant

Holloway has yet to put itself on the trendy North London night scene; locals of Holloway believe there are not enough musical events within the area. Some have argued that the majority of musical events take place in surrounding areas, such as Islington, Camden and Tottenham.

Krystal Burton, 24, shop assistant, Holloway said, “It’s a shame that many of us from Holloway don’t have a good club or pub to go to on the weekend, after a long working week. I don’t recall spending any weekend in Holloway, most of my mates live in Camden or Hackney, so that’s where I go for a good night out.”

Main musical events that have been pointed out include the Tottenham Carnival, Radio 1’s Hackney Event ,Camden’s famous KOKO; where most people from North London go to see musicians play and the Garage in Islington; proving to be a big success, especially on a Friday and Saturday night.

Residents of Holloway often travel further afield to go to exciting music events within North London. Many spend Monday to Friday working within the area and get set for explosive weekends at pubs and clubs in different North London boroughs.

Michael Harvey, 38, a DJ from Holloway agrees, he said, “I have to DJ at Camden or Tottenham every weekend because I can’t get any work in Holloway. There is hardly anything here, which is quite frustrating and leaves many of us seeking a good night out elsewhere.”

Across the streets of Holloway there are lots of shops and fast food outlets, along with a few pubs. But there are no music venues to encourage residents to go to have a good time.



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