Protesters demonstrate against the Government’s “silence on child abuse”.

Photo credit - Elisa Di Folco
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Victims of abuse during childhood and many others protested against the Government failing to expose abuse.

On the 11th of April around hundred of people gathered in front of Parliament in Westminster asking for justice.

Protesters shouted “paedos out” and “stop the abuse.” They marched until they reached Trafalgar Square.

Mark Chambers, one of the protesters, said: “We are here for the corruption, the system cover-up of abuse. Children have been taken away from families that shouldn’t be taken, it’s covering-up social workers who are lying and suppressing documents.”

With this demonstration, protesters are hoping that more and more people will find out what is going on.

Photo credit - Elisa Di Folco
Photo credit – Elisa Di Folco

Helen Brown, supporter of the cause said: “The majority of the public do not know that children have been removed for trivial reasons, they disappeared from the face of the earth and when the allegations came up they are not followed up because too many times the police are involved.”

National Association for People Abused in Childhood, (The NAPAC) says that between 2012 and 2013 the volume of calls to its free helpline doubled to between 1,500 and 2,000 per month. It also revealed that the 80% of the abuse occur within people’s homes.

Bernadetta Jaggers, a protester, said: “The paedophiles are not sentenced enough, they should be locked up for life, because children should come first, they are our future.”

Other rallies took place around the UK, three months later Labour MP John Mann handed in Parliament a dossier of 22 names of politicians named by victims and nothing has been done, Vice news has revealed.

“They seem to cover-up what they do. The only time they don’t is when one of them dies, and they say oh yes he interfered with little children,” Jaggers added.

Victims of sex abuses, now adult, are once again abused, but by the Government that is supposed to protect them.


A protester holding a banner at the rally in Westminster. Photo credit- Elisa Di Folco


Angela Power, shares with the crowd about her past. A past of sex abuse and violence, when she was only a child. She said she felt helpless.

Speaking into a microphone, she said: “I remember being hunted like a dog, abused and drugged.”

It was in 1957 when Ms Power was in a military hospital and abused by the personnel. Ms Power said that she tried to reveal the abuse but she was threatened out of it.

“I’m not afraid anymore,” she said.

“I am 57 and only last year I thought those memories wont never leave me,” she added.

Her abusers have never faced any consequences, but now she speaks to all those who have experienced or knows about violence to speak up.

Andrew Mackie also shared his story.  Members of staff molested him while he was in a children’s home.

He said that they’d come in the shower room making excuses that they have to check him for the doctor, instead they molested him. Then he was sent to another children’s home where the staff members who were priests, raped him for five days repeatedly while he was unconscious.

Mr Mackie said that after 12 years the police were investigating his case. Then they said to him that there were no records of him being in the children’s home. Mr Mackie also said that solicitors have hidden information he gave them and misspelt his name in a few statements.

Andrew Mackie is one of the many survivors of abuse, who said his childhood was taken brutally and his life took the wrong path.

“I’ve been in and out of prison since I was 21,” Mackie said.

But also Mr Mackie is one of many brave people who stood-up the fear and fighting for justice.

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