Sci-Fi Film Festival

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The 12th annual international festival of science fiction and fantastic film is being held at the Stratford Picturehouse and BFI Southbank from 30th April to 6th May.

Families, friends and sci-fi aficionado’s all turned up to the sci-fi film festival to bring out their inner-geeks dressed up as Dark Vader, Storm Troopers and Batman.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Guillermo Del Toro are also involved with this year’s Sci-Fi London Film Festival.

The Star Trek Into Darkness actor and the Blade II director are on a panel helping choose the winner of the festival’s 48 hours competition, where budding filmmakers compete by shooting a five minute sci-fi movie in two days.

All images courtesy of Tringa Dalladaku


Here’s the programme for the next five days:


Thursday 2nd May:

7:00pm – Best Friends Forever (Stratford Picturehouse)

9:00pm – They Live Among Us – Benjamin Percy (Stratford Picturehouse)


Friday 3rd May:

1:30pm – Alter Egos (Stratford Picturehouse)

3:30pm – Shorts Programme II (Stratford Picturehouse)

6:30pm – Dark Star (BFI Southbank)

6:30pm – Shorts Programme II (Stratford Picturehouse)

8:40pm – The Search for Simon (BFI Southbank)

8:45pm – The Man From the Future (Stratford Picturehouse)

11:30pm – The Human Race (Stratford Picturehouse)

11:30pm – Lifeforce (Stratford Picturehouse)


Saturday 4th May:

11:00AM – BFI Film Production Workshop (BFI Southbank)

11:00AM – The War of the Worlds: Goliath 3D (Stratford Picturehouse)

12:50PM – The Facility (BFI Southbank)

1:00PM – Shorts Programme IV (Stratford Picturehouse)

3:30PM – Dead Meat Walking (Stratford Picturehouse)

6:00PM – Vanishing Waves (Stratford Picturehouse)

6:10PM – Channeling (BFI Southbank)

8:20PM – Tai Chi Zero + Tai Chi Hero (Stratford Picturehouse)

8:30PM – Shorts Programme I (BFI Southbank)

11:30PM – Anime All Nighter (Stratford Picturehouse)

11:30PM – MST3K Laughathon (Stratford Picturehouse)

11:30PM – The Defiance All Nighter (Stratford Picturehouse)


Sunday 5th May:

12:00PM – Mirror Rorrim (BFI Southbank)

12:00PM – Super Dogs!!! (Stratford Picturehouse)

12:30PM – Dr. Who 50TH Anniversary – Talk and Screening (Stratford Picturehouse)

2:00PM – Write the Science Fiction Film (Stratford Picturehouse)

3:45PM – Dead Weight (Stratford Picturehouse)

3:30PM – Props and Costume on a Budget (Stratford Picturehouse)

4:10PM – Short Programme II (BFI Southbank)

6:00PM – Vessel (Stratford Picturehouse)

6:30PM – Stress Position (BFI Southbank)

8:00PM – Mars et Avril


Monday 6th May:

11:00AM – Innerspace (Stratford Picturehouse)

1:00PM – Shorts Programme I (Stratford Picturehouse)

3:00PM – Sci-Fi-London Pub Quiz (Stratford Picturehouse)

4:15PM – Sado Tempest (Stratford Picturehouse)

6:00PM – Piercing Brightness (Stratford Picturehouse)

8:00PM – Dark by Noon (Stratford Picturehouse)


For ticket purchases and other events, visit the Official Sci-Fi London Website.

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