Authentic Trend within Islington

Josephine Sewing from Home
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Josephine sewing from home. Image: Sandy Da Silva

North London’s local seamstress creates authentic designs for her clothing collection and began aged 17-years-old.

Josephine Silva began sewing in the D.R. Congo and started professionally aged 20. Her friends and family became fond of her designs but she admits “I never been to school to learn my skill, I just pushed myself and tried to figure out what I was doing”.

One of the reasons Josephine went into sewing was to make clothing that flattered her shape but her designs are more than just flattering, they are unique, with vibrant prints tailor made for every individual.

Eleven years ago, Josephine moved to London to join her husband but struggled with the language. She carried on making tribal print designs in order to produce an income from her North London home. Her husband, Fredy Silva, has always been supportive. He said: “I knew my wife couldn’t speak English very well so when she decided to make her hobby into her career I was all for it.”

Josephine goes beyond the trend by using materials that inspire her originating from her mother-land (D.R. Congo) and surrounding countries. These types of material have a different feel and texture to your average high-street dress that has tribal prints imprinted onto cotton or jersey. Josephine said: ”I carefully select my material imported from Africa and I like to mix it with some lace to bring out the beauty.”

Designers such as Donna Karan have used this trend widely across the catwalks at London fashion week as well New York fashion week.

The tribal and Aztec print trend is such a big hit this season that it can also be found in high street stores like Marks & Spencer, Topshop and H&M, who launched its affordable designer collection by Marni for H&M.

After seeing many tribal designs on the catwalk and high street, Josephine decided to launch herself online, and her website is currently under construction. She said: “I realised that I could make money from my hobby so I decided to put my skills to good use.”

She has created numerous maxi dresses, pants and other tailor-made designs. Her outfits range from £25 – £50 depending on the design, fabric and labour gone into each creation.

For more information contact Josephine at: 

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