Sexy Music Videos: A Daily Occurence

Tasteful or too destructive for 8 year old girls? Image by
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Tasteful or too destructive for 8 year old girls? Image by

By Amanda Thompson

As music from the United States pours in through TV, radio and online, we often see sexy musicians parading around in skimpy outfits in their videos.

More and more musicians such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Rihanna aim to portray themselves as sex symbols and sometimes there is more emphasis on what they wear, rather than what they sing about. Over the last few years, ‘selling sex’ seems to be more of an importance than song lyrics and having fans.

Society is rapidly changing and so is what children consider to be ‘normal’. TVs plagued with sexy dance moves and the shortest clothes is shown on a daily basis and is therefore seen as being acceptable. Changes of what pop music means have also altered significantly since the late 1990s; after the massive girl power dominated by the UK’s biggest girl group, The Spice girls. Female musicians have adopted a more raunchy approach in gaining fans.

Andrew Radford, 42, Primary school teacher from Haringey, said, “It’s a shame that nowadays young children cannot enjoy their childhoods and youth without the negativity showcased in lots of music videos. Female singers wearing the tightest tops is just sending out the wrong signal to girls aged eight and upwards.”

Parents have often voiced their concerns over the increasingly sexy, and at times, explicit music videos and songs that are often played and heard everyday. The UK Government have also spoke out against music videos that may provoke young girls in particular to think it is okay to act in the same way. Prime Minister, David Cameron, at one of his Government talks has called to put 18 certificates on all music videos that encourage promiscuous behaviour.  Cameron even suggested there should be a ban in place, discouraging them being shown before the watershed hour.

Juanita Lobatan, 34, a mother from Hackney said, “I agree with the Prime Minister. I have three daughters, one is fifteen and at that age they try to imitate their favourite singers and act in a certain way, which isn’t okay for a teenager to act.” She added, “Even knowing that my nine year old could want to start wearing short shorts and skirts, upsets me very much.”

It’s not only U.S musicians that have generated the continuous flow of sexy videos, UK singers such as Pixie Lott and The Saturdays have moved into the raunchy side of music and are part of a substantial growing problem in the Western world. Young girls are the ones that are more affected than boys, though young boys idolise these singers and believe this is what girls will all live up to.

No concrete plans have been made to remove these sexy music videos from TV. However many people within the UK are angry that they keep on making an appearance each day, whilst lots of young children are around the home watching them.


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