Should Arsene Wenger Stay?

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Picture Credit: Creative Commons

Arsene Wenger is the man responsible for transforming Arsenal into a European powerhouse. But this season’s results shows it might be time for him to go.

Supporters called for his resignation after his team drew with Sunderland AFC. Is  this abuse justified? Some supporters would say no as he has won two Premier League and FA cups and has an unbeaten Premier League title winning season to the club. Others say yes as he hasn’t developed the club to European champions and a dominating force in the league.

The records of the club show that Wenger is the most successful manager of the club in terms of the amount of trophies won. He has one of the best win ratios of any manager and managed the most amount of games for the club. What more could any supporter want?

“He has won trophies in the past but we need the European cup as we have never won before,” said 65-year-old retired Arsenal fan Jack Filsman, “It’s time we hire an English manager to do the job -Wenger has done all he can do.”

Wenger has taken a significant amount of criticism for the lack of high profile signings in the last couple of years. Indeed a club such as Arsenal should be buying a high profile player in every transfer window. They are completely debt free with a substantial amount of money available for transfers when needed.

“We can have the money in the bank but the success comes on the football pitch where the best players do the job,” said 25-year-old Arsenal fan Jamal Powell. “If we don’t get the right players then we will miss out on Europe and eventually get relegated to the Championship.”

The statues of club legends Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry stand proudly outside the iconic Emirates Stadium. Fans seem to have forgotten that Wenger transformed these players to global superstars.

If Wenger is going to last another season at the North London club, then he is going to need to use all the wisdom and experience he has to change his supporters thoughts on him.

Picture Credit: Creative Commons

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