SSSHAKE: A new platform for young creatives

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By Michaela Nagyidaiova

Creativity has no limits, especially in today’s fast-paced environment. Young people wanting to work in the creative field can find limitless  opportunities – but getting started can be difficult.

SSSHAKE community will soon launch an app making connections between creatives easier. Advertised as “the first mobile app dedicated to creative collaborations”, it aims to represent people in industries from photography to writing, dance to design and even body art. It will be available for IOS on 17th June in the UK.

According to the team working behind the innovation, meetings and gatherings are the key to the app’s success. SSSHAKE is organising evenings for creatives to get to know each other, exchange opinions, get inspiration and potentially receive an opinion on their work.

“The parties were all very well organised, the people from the association were very friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed, which helps if you want to talk to people you don’t know,” said Jérémy Hagry, 20, a music composer from Paris.

They have already organised four creative gatherings in London, the most recent taking place in Shoreditch Platform.

“It was inspiring to be able to have a chat with people from different cultures than yours and possibly discuss a chance of creating something together,” added Hagry.

The app allows users to set up a personal profile, use a search engine to look for other ‘creatives’ in their area and essentially connect with new, talented individuals.

SSSHAKE wants to support the belief that current, modern media provides freedom to express ourselves in many ways and show certain skills.

It doesn’t matter if you write, illustrate, work with sound and music or architecture, the app is worth trying. Become part of something bigger and get yourself brand new contacts.

For more information visit or check out their social media accounts under a handle @ssshake.


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