Students Evacuated from London Met Library

London Metropolitan University
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London Metropolitan University

by Michael Cornin

University students were caught unawares yesterday after the London Metropolitan University Learning Centre was evacuated.

The fire brigade was called out to the Holloway Road building around lunchtime after the alarm went off. A large group of students was left stranded outside in the rain as the building was searched and made safe.

During the twenty minute ordeal many were worried about their personal belongings – including mobile phones and expensive laptops – which they had left in the building.

One student, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “It was all a panic, really. I was on the second floor and we were all told to get out of the building. I had to rush down the stairs, leaving my coat on the chair I was sitting on.”

Most of the students had to cross the busy Hornsey Road to get to their designated evacuation point.

A university employee said: “We always make sure that students are safe and follow the procedures in such an incident.¬†We apologise for the disruption this caused a number of people, but safety is paramount.”

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