Sweet Mother’s Day

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This Mother’s Day take your beloved one to a place she wouldn’t expect, on a date she will not forget.

All mothers are different, but all of them deserve love and appreciation. With Mother’s Day around the corner it can be quite stressful to figure out the perfect gift.

A great last minute idea is to take your mother on a sweet date! And by sweet, we mean so-sweet-she-will-never-forget-it kind of sweet.

We made a list of local gems where you can take every type of mum for Mother’s Day and any other time of the year.


For the sweet-tooth mum: Miki’s Paradise 

Nutella Freakshake
Nutella Freakshake

Miki’s Paradise is a small corner cafe in the heart of Holloway Road, and it is Heaven on Earth to anyone who craves something luscious yet unique.

The cafe offers a cosy and warm atmosphere. You might need to queue a bit to get seated, but everything is worth the wait.

There is a variety of smoothies, milkshakes, cakes and crepes to choose from, all of which will be served in the cutest way possible (just check their Instagram if you don’t trust us). Topped off with the welcoming and fast service with reasonable prices, this place screams to be the go-to location for the sweet-tooth mum, or anyone, whom you’d like to impress.

Our personal favourites are the Nutella Freakshake and the Strawberry Sensation Crepe. Let the pictures do the talking. No comments needed.

Strawberry Sensation Crepe
Strawberry Sensation Crepe

For the adventurous mum: Chin Chin Labs

Vanilla Pod ice cream with different toppings
Vanilla Pod ice cream with different toppings

The dessert laboratory is famous for producing it’s ice-cream using nitrogen.   There are many flavours to choose from, starting with classics like vanilla, and going on to special “weekly” flavours, as well as holiday specials. For example, for last year, the lab produced a “pink lemonade” as a Mother’s Day treat, which makes us look forward even more to this Sunday.

Perhaps surprisingly (or perhaps not), the most popular clientele is female, so what can be better for Mother’s Day?

The lovely staff say that ‘it’s often quite a popular destination for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day’, so no need to panic about taking your parents to the heart of London’s alternative culture, at least for an ice-cream treat. After all, being in Camden, your dessert session might turn into a fun shopping spree.



For the eat-healthy mum: Pinkberry

Frozen yogurt with fruit and berries
Frozen yogurt with fruit and berries

Coming from the sunny Los Angeles coast, the frozen yogurt cafe Pinkberry will infuse anyone with a fresh summer breeze with its desserts. The yogurt paradise is near Angel station, Islington, but despite being in the north of the city, the fruity desserts enrich the place with a tropical vibe.

Besides being healthy and refreshing, the frozen yogurt deliciousness comes in different forms, such as dairy free (made with coconut milk) and vegan. Unlike with ice-creams and milkshakes, there is absolutely no way your  healthy-lifestyle-obsessed mother would find an excuse for not trying at least one of the 35 flavours on offer.

Have a very sweet Mother’s Day!


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