The attractions of North London

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When you get the idea into your head about moving somewhere, you try to work out various issues. Where is best place for you to be comfortable, and will it provide you with easy access to certain areas that you like the most?

Heavy lifting, packing, unpacking, organising and finally settling in to your new home can be hard job in itself as well as getting to know people, learning your way around, and getting a new job.But, it seems more people are moving to London despite this.

Owen Matthews, 26 from Cambridge decided he wanted to move to the multi-cultural city that is London to experience what it has to offer. He chose Holloway Road, North London to be his place of residence. “I wanted to get out of where I was as it was too quiet for me so I called my work and asked them if there were any positions near North London which I could get a transfer to.  I know people who live and love that area and they said there is so much to offer. As you walk through it you can instantly be hypnotised by the tremendous activities, the noise and the rush and I couldn’t be happier, I feel so at home here then when I did in Cambridge. I have had made a better social life and the sights just in North London relate to me as I am lucky to be so close to the football stadium I adore.”

Times have changed; North London is firmly on the map as a cool and trendy place to live. Despite the start of the 2011 London riots which started in Tottenham, people are slowly forgetting about the dramatic events that occurred and embracing living in North London.

As you enter the North of the city, you can see many retro bars, busy and well known clubs, amongst many parks and two premier league football clubs.  Considering this there are also the downfalls of living in London as it’s known that when you rent, the average wage of £.5.93 an hour can be a tight fit against the £298 per week statistics, according to London Property watch in Holloway for a one bedroom flat.

The price of living in London can be costly, but the social activities, diverse food restaurants, and the easy transport links to get to wherever you want to go in a reasonable time only confirms that when moving to London, everything is at an easy reach.

What a sight to see? Image by Chaz Folkes




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