The Fight for Supremacy in North London

Picture: Ronnie Macdonald
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Picture: Ronnie Macdonald
Arsenal have finished above their North London rivals for the past 16 years.
Picture: Ronnie Macdonald


In Arsene Wenger’s 16-year tenure with The Gunners, he has never failed to qualify for the Champions League, and even more significantly for the Arsenal faithful, he has always finished the season above arch rivals Tottenham.

Although Arsenal have recently dropped out of the title challenge after a promising start, and then the Champions League to current holders Bayern Munich, they are eight points clear of Spurs. However, Tottenham only have the league in their concern and will be hoping that Arsenal’s FA Cup adventures can slip them up on both fronts.

However, it seems as if the majority of Arsenal fans believe they will finish above Tottenham due to Spurs’ poor form in recent weeks. Rory Brady, a 19-year-old Queen Mary student and Arsenal supporter, said: “I definitely think we will finish above Spurs this year; we always do and we just have to”.

“We had a great start and we all thought that it was our year to win the title but as always, we have those couple of awful months where we drop out of every competition which really costs us.”

At the beginning of the campaign, many tipped Tottenham to claim a top four spot and triumph above Arsenal with the money they spent, but not even Tottenham supporters hold that belief anymore.

28-year-old delivery driver and Tottenham supporter, Ricky Dean, said: “This has really been a season to forget for Tottenham. Losing Bale in the summer to Madrid was bad enough, but then to blow the world record fee on complete useless and overpriced players makes it that much worse.

“We spent over 100 million pounds on players over the summer to replace Bale and not one of them can put their hand up and say that they have had a good season. Sacking AVB was probably the correct decision to move on but Tim Sherwood doesn’t seem to be the right man to move us forward.”

Dean went on to say: “Let’s hope next summer we’re wise in the transfer market and that Levy replaces Sherwood. Otherwise, I can’t see us finishing above Arsenal for a very long while.”

Although Arsenal have finished above their North London rivals for the past 16 years, supporters still expect more.

Jamie Neville, a 32-year-old fireman and frustrated Arsenal supporter, said: “Once again, success for us is to finish fourth and that’s not good enough for a club like Arsenal. I guess we did the double over Tottenham and if we win the FA Cup that’ll end our trophy hoodoo but we should we doing this season in and season out.
“It’s not right that we lose by 5 or 6 goal margins against the top teams and something seriously has to change. The only reason we can celebrate is because we’re finishing above a lackluster Tottenham side and it’s embarrassing for us. But it is a good feeling to beat them though!”

It doesn’t look very likely that Spurs will compete with their rivals for a couple of seasons unless something dramatic happens. Who thought that Manchester City would leapfrog United? With Arsenal having troubles at home of their own, it could be a couple of factors which swing the dominance in Tottenham’s favor but it’s the red half of London which reigns.

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