The Garage

The Garage on Holloway Road
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Have you ever walked around Highbury Corner and been met by a huge queue running half way down Holloway Road and thought, what on earth are they waiting for? The answer… The Garage.

The Garage opened in 1933 and describes itself as the capital’s finest indie and rock music venue. The Killers, Mumford & Sons, Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Paramore, Oasis and My Chemical Romance are just a handful of the bands that have graced the venue with their presence.

Although, assistant general manager Dave Pyatt assured me, “We cater to every kind of musical taste, from hip hop to metal. Just this year we played host to Kasabian.”

From the outside, The Garage can easily be overlooked. Its fairly modest exterior could see you walk past without realising the actual size of the venue, but in reality, there are three rooms at The Garage. “Our mini bar where we cater to small nights (open mics, etc) holds 50, Upstairs at The Garage holds 150, and our main room has a capacity of 600.”

As well as being a place to hear great music, if you’re a musician yourself, this venue could be the thing that helps you break the London music scene, “We enjoy helping younger bands get heard and perform some of their first gigs, and helping the grass roots of local music throughout London.”

If you’re a student trying to get your foot in the door, it just gets better and better, as they regularly work with local universities in putting on band nights, mostly incorporating bands that study at said universities.

Islington resident and indie music fanatic, 24-year-old Sarah Pritchard, says having The Garage on her doorstep is a godsend: “It is without doubt my favourite music venue in London. You can always be assured that the music will be top class, and it’s a great place to meet people with the same tastes as yourself. The only downside is the queues, I can never seem to get there early enough to beat the crowds!”

“My favourite night at The Garage was Paramore a few years ago, but they do an indie club night as well which is always a good time. Me and my friends don’t really go out anywhere else,” Sarah added.

The Garage on Holloway Road

A full list of upcoming events, and more info about the venue can be found at

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