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6969702798_28c53519f8Shoplifting is never acceptable. In our world there are the poor souls that bust their guts every day to earn an honest living, they wake up in the early hours, whilst everyone else is sleeping and head off to work; then come home in the evening and get some rest before their routine restarts. Some of these hardly see a single penny of their earnings, because they are strained to provide for their family.

Even though stealing of any sort is wrong, it can sometimes be understood. Stealing a loaf of bread or a pint of milk for a thief’s family could be because the thief is unable to provide for his loved ones. Stealing is definitely an easy option out but when you are hopeless and there seems to be no help around in the environment you live in, a person may feel pressured.

31 – year-old Paul, a store detective for Morrisons on Holloway road, said: “Thieves do target this supermarket quite often. Our last theft took place only ten minutes ago and there were three different incidents which took place today. So far there haven’t been any high valued products targeted, just those between the value of £8-£30. To protect the store we have undercover police officers like myself and CCTV which is placed around high valued products.

Thefts cost the store around £1.5 billion each year and it isn’t any good for loyal customers, as the prices of the products then go up.”

However, not all thieving takes place because the shoplifter has no money. Beauty products amongst others, are not a necessity to life so when these are stolen it shows how temptation can take over and that people are willing to break the law to get what they want.

Some stores on Holloway road are completely oblivious to these robberies. Card factory manager, Hitesh Rahman (52), said: “In our store we do not have a security guard; in fact we have never needed one. I do know that shoplifting is quite common on Holloway Road though, and it is true that whenever a thief would get an opportunity, they are likely to steal.”

Most of the time thieves are unaware of the punishments which can take place for their actions, Charity worker, 28, Neil Green said: “There are always different reasons for a thief to feel the need to steal. Feeling under pressure, is one. Most youngsters tend to steal because of this exact reason, as well as not knowing right from wrong. This can create serious and permanent damage to their lives. Stealing because you’re homeless or starving is very rare these days, but I do think theft could be seen as a cry for help.

“When I was 19, my mum passed away and I was pretty torn up, I started using stealing as a distraction until I was caught and got arrested. I know now, it was wrong doing what I did, but at the time my head was all over the place and I never thought about how the victim may have felt.”