The question on everybody’s mind… “is the world becoming a more dangerous place?”

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By Rohma Eraz and Leanne Carr

After the attack on Westminster, the bombing in St Petersburg and the young man from Croydon getting severely beaten up because of his race, the question on many people’s mind… “is this world becoming a more dangerous place?” The people of Holloway Road give their views.

Flowers laid in tribute to the Westminster victims on March 22nd.

Chris Peet, 34, IT Consultant

“I think it’s always been dangerous. If you look back over the years, there were way more terrorist attacks from the IRA so I wouldn’t say it’s more dangerous. I think you just have to be careful.”

St Petersburg tribute
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin lays flowers at the scene of attacks in St Petersburg.

Susan Watson, 22, Barista

“The world isn’t a more dangerous place. I think the media has just created a fear in people’s minds and that’s why we have a lot of xenophobes in our community, which creates a dangerous environment.”

Anmol Khanna, 26, student

“Yes, the world’s such a dangerous place. After all the recent attacks when I hear police sirens it makes me feel anxious. I sometimes feel really nervous getting on the tube and being in crowded places.”

Charlotte Klauser, 33, Stay at home Mum

“It’s a scary time for everybody. I’m worried about what the world is like when my baby grows up. If it’s this awful now, what will the world be like in another 20 years.”

Rune Dickinson, 19, Unemployed

“I feel anxious and nervous going out and it does make me feel scared to live in such a big popular city.”

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