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By Daragh Markham

Texan stoner rock titans, The Sword, played to a sold out crowd at the Underworld Camden last week as the London part of their European tour.

The Underworld was awash with reefer and riffs as the boys of noise brought their Black Sabbath-esque rock ‘n’ roll to Camden daraghon Thursday (10th) in support of their latest album.

The Sword opened with ‘The Veil of Isis’, the first track off ‘Apocryphon’, and while the material was new, the location was not.

Their Underworld show marked the fourth time The Sword have played Camden since first bulldozing their way into London in 2006.

Speaking to Daragh Markham, guitarist Kyle Shutt commented on their ‘habitual’ residence in the borough, saying: “It’s good to be back in London. It’s cold this time around, but it’s not raining so I guess it could be worse [laughs].

“But it is good to be back here, it’s always a good time,” he continued. “We’ve pretty much only played Camden whenever we’ve come to town. We’ve done Barfly, we’ve done Roundhouse, we did Dingwalls back in the day. We like the area, it’s nice. Good food, lot of stuff to do, lot of bars.”

The band had set Bristol alight the previous night, but hadn’t played London since appearing at the Garage at Highbury and Islington in 2011.

Ahead of their set, Shutt, the guitarist, seemed collected but anxious.

“London is a good place to play, it’s not unlike many other major places to play, but it’s good,” he said. “It’s kinda been a little awhile. We haven’t been here in about 2 years, so I’m excited to see how things go tonight.

“The show already sold out last week, so hopefully it’ll be a really rowdy, good time,” he continued. “It’s Thursday night, hopefully people don’t have anything to do tomorrow.”

His apprehension was obliterated as the riff lords took to the stage, the fervent crowd eagerly imbibing the new offerings from ‘Apocryphon’.

Dave Sherwood, drummer of North London-based heavy metal band Amulet, who opened the show, remarked: “’The Sword’ is an appropriate name for a band that sounds like their speakers have been slashed.

“For anyone who went home without tinnitus – you clearly weren’t rocking out hard enough to one of the most upbeat stoner bands of recent years.”

The tour has certainly seen a lot of decibel damage since it began in Wolverhampton at the start of the month.

But it’s all part of the job, as Sword drummer, Santiago Vela, enthuses: “The tour’s been great so far. We’ve been playing most of the material from the latest album, [like tonight], and it’s been received well so far, for sure.”

The Sword will round out the trek going through the Netherlands and Germany before heading up to Scandinavia for the final shows.

“It’ll be a nice, cold, dark way to end the tour.” laughed Shutt.

“After this, we’re going to Australia in about a month or so… Just more tours,” adds Vela, contentedly sighing.

The Sword’s latest album, ‘Apocryphon’, released in October last year, is available in all music shops now. For more reviews, visit


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