#THISDOESNTMEANYES CAMPAIGN: The new campaign to dismantle victim blaming

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HATGIRL_PORTRAITA team of four friends created the anti-rape campaign #ThisDoesn’tMeanYes in partnership with Rape Crisis South London, which brings to light the issues of blame culture, victim blaming and ensuring consent in the UK.

“We created a project that empowers women and readdresses the issue of how rape is represented in the media. [And] this idea of blame culture and fear mongering,” said one of the founders, Lydia Pang.

Earlier this month, Sussex Police created a poster to crack down, suggesting that rape is the victim’s fault by stating: “Many sexual assaults could be prevented.”

They simply believe that women should understand and project the fact that “A red lip does not mean yes, a skirt doesn’t mean yes, and a kiss at the back of the taxi does not mean yes. The only yes is an active and embodied yes.”

TDMY set up a pop-up photo shoot under Braithwaite Tunnel, Shoreditch. Reaching out to fewer than 200 passersby, asking women of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethic backgrounds to take part in their campaign to inspire women in London, who want to take a stand against rape.

However, some individuals do not feel the same about the TDMY campaign. Some have taken to Twitter to voice their opinion. One tweet said; “Well if you’re obese, then that definitely means no!”

“Seeing vulgar comments or negatives comments from men and women, actually fuels the campaign and highlights the point of what we’re doing,” said Lydia, highlighting the trolls they have encountered. “Some survivors have stepped forward and said that this has made it easier to get dressed in the morning, because it’s taking off that ‘cloak of shame’ around it,” added Karlie McCulloch co-founder of TDMY.

Nevertheless, TDMY say that they will stop at nothing to empower women, motivate women and this incentive is just the beginning of their mission to stop rape culture.

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