Decline in youth clubs affects young people

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By Cara Curtis

Prospects for young people in the UK are far from promising. Many young people face numerous pressures and challenges in various aspects of their lives.

Many disadvantaged young people lack adequate access to training and employment, affordable housing, long-term financial security, and technology. While coping with a fast-changing work environment, they also strive to maintain their physical and mental well-being.

UK Youth is striving to tackle this issue. Their vision shows a bright future for every young person, whatever their background or circumstance.

Sarah Park, 25, coordinating director at UK Youth, based in Liverpool Road, Islington, said: “As there is a huge decrease in youth clubs and other activities, especially in London, young people are not finding what they want to do, some young people turn to crime and other disorderly behaviour.”

This charity provides an informal learning scheme for young adults and they regularly host events to keep them from trouble and help them meet others that may be in the same difficult situation.

From sponsored runs to eLearning courses, UK Youth provide the foundation for young people entering the adult world of responsibility, finance and professional group-work. They estimate that their network reaches 830,500 young people across the country, and that they have spent £4.3 million on their programmes in the last year alone. “Oour vision: a bright future for every young person, regardless of their background or circumstance,” their website proclaims.

UK Youth also have sponsorship schemes to raise money to fund their activities and events for young people. This year they have planned, London Marathon 2017, Vitality London 10k 2017, Gala Dinner 2017, London to Paris cycle 2017 and Art for Youth London 2017. On May 3rd, it will sponsor Creative Collisions 2017, which brings together representatives of nine leading charities with over 500 youth delegates in what it advertises as the ‘UK’s leading youth sector event’. To book, visit



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