Vivien’s dresses are ‘confidence boosters’
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Holloway Road, North London, has had a 15% decline in local businesses due to the recession over the past 5 years. This is likely to rapidly decrease due to the public seeking new opportunities according to study from the Islington Trust.

 Holloway Boutique store, ‘Vivien of Holloway’ is pushing strong, even at rigid times.

Viven's dreses are 'confidence boosters'
Viven’s dreses are ‘confidence boosters’

A long life 50’s fashion Enthusiast opened the doors to her ‘Vivien of Holloway’ boutique on Holloway road in the year 2000. Vivien has been in love with the style of the 1940’s and 50’s since she was a child and started making her own clothes from a very young age.

“People often hark back to times of nostalgia during recessions, so now people are looking to vintage for their fashion inspirations”, says Press & PR Emma Kimber. “We are still extremely busy and the business is growing, even during these hard times. We think this is because we don’t produce fast fashion, we produce styles that last for real women”. She added.

The business itself was born when Vivien started selling her reproductions of vintage patterns at Kensington market. From here the company went from strength to strength, and now has an online shop and beautiful boutique on the Holloway Road.

Loyal customer Valerie Sampson said: “I have been coming here for years to stock up on my wardrobe.

Vivien’s dresses are ‘confidence boosters’ because so much attention has been paid to how they fit and how they shape a woman. I am willing to pay the price for divinity.”

With the Press & PR Communicator Emma Kimber stating that their business has not had a fall in passing trade ‘Vivien of Holloway’ is a business that remains undefeatable.