Westminster victim recovering after brain surgery

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Bu Alina-Stefania Ivanovici

A young Romanian architect is in critical but stable condition after falling from Westminster Bridge during the March 22nd terrorist attack, in which five people were killed. The Holloway Express can reveal that her boyfriend was due to propose to her later in the week.

The attack took place less than two weeks after a bomb exploded in the metro in St Petersburg, Russia on April 3rd. The Russian Health Ministry reported that 14 people died in the explosion, which has also been termed the work of terrorists.

Tourist Andreea Cristea, 29, fell into the River Thames after being hit by a 4×4 vehicle driven by Khalid Masood, who deliberately plunged into pedestrians. She was found floating on the surface unconscious and was fished out with safety nets.

“She had brain surgery because of the development of a blood clot. Her lungs were full of water, but British doctors keep her alive and are still reserved about any prognosis,” said her fiancé, Andrei Burnaz, in an exclusive interview with the Holloway Express.

Burnaz, 32, suffered a broken foot in the attack, and spoke while in a wheelchair with his left leg in plaster. He said he had intended to propose to Cristea during their holiday to London on his birthday, March 24th.

A Romanian citizen has taken the initiative to get donations to support Cristea. “Andreea will need all our support for a long time, so any help is appreciated from you,” said Burnaz.

“Thank you for the support and love that you send to her, but also for the initiative that you had! We rarely encounter such people. Words are not enough to express what we feel,” her family said in a statement.

They added that they were very grateful for the efforts of British authorities to save her life. “We are overwhelmed by the love, support and respect for our daughter.  The Metropolitan Police continue to provide care and support constantly in these very difficult moments.”

Other victims of the attack returned to Westminster Bridge a week later to take part in commemoration of those who died.

British-born Masood, 52, was shot dead by police. Forty people were wounded.

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