What does a Londoner look like?

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By Barbara Sike and Giada Bocca


“London is such a mix, so diverse, so many cultures, so much going on and I love to see so many people from all over the world come here to pursue their dreams. In my mind, the Londoner is like you were born here, brought up here. But I guess when you have people that move here and stay forever, they are Londoners, you become a Londoner, it’s your home.”

Georgia Terry, 28, shop assistant from London


“I’m from Bahrain and I’ve been in London for 20 years. I don’t feel like a Londoner. [A Londoner is] somebody who is born here.”

David Barry, 53, book-keeper from Bahrain


“[Being a Londoner is] to be myself. To be individual. To be an individual and be a part of a collective melting pot. I have been here since I was about four, 30 years ago. I feel like a Londoner in the context to what a Londoner is, which is being an individual.”

Jermaine Hunter, 34, personal trainer from America


“I’m a Londoner, I get to know other people, big communities. A Londoner is someone who was born here. But the people who move here can feel like Londoners, after like a while.”

Ali Arslan, 16, student from Hackney, London


“I feel like a Londoner because I got friends here. Those people who move here, they’re not Londoners. No, it will take time. They have to know the people around the area and that will take time.”

Mehmet Can, 17, student from Hackney, London

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